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Quick Update on the Site.
Thu 14 July 2005, 12:02am | Blucid |
A very quick website update, I have updated all the pages with the sidebars the Service pages are the only ones that don't have any content on them yet. But that will change today hopefully. Check out all the sites, and have fun. More content will be uploaded onto them ASAP.

Busy Weekend...
Tue 12 July 2005, 11:30am | Blucid |
Hello all, This past weekend was amazing. Was so busy and fun we hardly had anytime for the website so please understand the updates are a bit back. Some of the dates will change. But for now all we can say is that the update will be done by the end of this week July 15, 2005. By the 17th all the pages will be complete expect for the forums the week of 18-22 we will be working on the forums and TECHsupport of CIDtech. One part of our major news is that we have completed the Business cards, today Mishen and I went out and bought Business Card paper and were praying to god that the printer would print good. It sure did the cards look amazing and great. [ Check them out ]. So the only real plans left to do are, all the pages by the 17th and the Flyer / Poster / AD for CIDtech will be designed the following after that. Until then peace out and enjoy your stay here at CIDtech.

Welcome to
Thu 7 July 2005, 07:00am | Blucid |
Welcome people back again, for another Update. For the past month it has been very busy here at CIDtech. Configurations and deals were being made with some stuff being changed. We got a very good deal on our Domain registration and site hosting from Advanced Network Hosts [ Here ]. Stats are 2.5GB of space with a transfer rate of 65GB a month. In other news most of our pages are up-to-date and semi-completed. Well not really 100% completed but somewhat there. They will be worked on in the next couple of days. Please check the .plan at the bottom left of the site for updates and plans. At the bottom of the page are two signatures that display the stats of our very own CIDtech Server. On the left we have the Servers Uptime and on the right various information about the server. Also please use this to your advantage when it teamspeak is not responding. Just check if the server is up and Online. Out of all the pages on our site the Forums will be updated and configure last. We will have tons of tools and help to make your life a little easier when it comes down to electronics.
     .plans for the Website ::
       -| Tech Support on all levels. [Teamspeak / IRC chat / Forums / Phone / Email]
       -| Articles / News. [Development and great news in the TECHworld]
       -| Tips, and Tricks. [Straight from us, Tuning your computer and so on]
       -| Gaming Information. [All of us here at CIDtech game for life, let us work together]
       -| Tons and tons more ideas and plans...
What were trying to do here at CIDtech is to create a user friendly environment and a community that will grow were people can come knowing nothing and leaving us knowing everything. That is the real deal here that is the real plan for us, and for you.


.plan for CIDtech
  Main Menu [UPDATED]
-[D] by.July 17
- Including some new graphics and so on.

-[D] by. July 17
- Including pricing and other neat ideas that we have planned.

-[D] by. July 17
- This section will take some time to be fully finished. But we have some great ideas that will make it grow.




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