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CIDtech :: FaQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

1. Q: How come the computer you guys build, are so cheap?
       A: Well we buy all our parts warehouse direct meaning no middle person, So your getting the          parts from warehouse directly to you. Also the computer don't have service charges or any          building charges from us.

2. Q: Some of the major stores have similar prices in computers what is the difference between       computer build at CIDtech then major stores?
       A: Our computers are build and configured the same way as major store expect that we use          top of the line components to build our systems. Meaning even though the computers have          almost same specs ours will run better overall then retail. Retail computer builders are          meant to be build cheap, for the company to make money, of course. Our systems are build          for performance not cheap junk, and we almost make no money off the systems we build.          Please read our policies on why and how this company runs.
.plan for CIDtech
  Main Menu [UPDATED]
-[D] by.July 17
- Including some new graphics and so on.

-[D] by. July 17
- Including pricing and other neat ideas that we have planned.

-[D] by. July 17
- This section will take some time to be fully finished. But we have some great ideas that will make it grow.
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